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Revised 2003


These By-Laws are intended to define all the rules and regulations governing the game of baseball played under the jurisdiction of the Bloordale Baseball League and shall apply to all persons directly affiliated with the League in any capacity.

They are divided into two sections, Section “A” containing general By-Laws and Section “B” containing Playing Rules. These By-Laws and Playing Rules are subject to amendment as provided by the Constitution of the League, Article 9, Section d).


1. Divisions

a) The League shall operate the following divisions:

Co-ed T-Ball…………….minimum age 5th birthday as of December 31st
Boys’ Rookie……………..8th to 9th birthday as of December 31st
Girls’ Mite………………..8th to 10th birthday as of December 31st
Boys’ Mosquito…………10th to 11th birthday as of December 31st
Girls’ Squirt……………..11th to 12th birthday as of December 31st
Boys’ PeeWee……………12th to 13th birthday as of December 31st
Girls’ Novice…………….13th to 14th birthday as of December 31st
Boys’ Bantam……………14th to 15th birthday as of December 31st plus one year overage
Girls’ Bantam……………15th to 16th birthday as of December 31st
Girls’ Midget…………….17th to 21st birthday as of December 31st
Ladies Slo-Pitch…………22nd birthday and older as of December 31st

b) Each team of all divisions shall be composed of no fewer than 11 properly registered players and no more than 15 players. (with the exception of select teams)

2. Registration

a) Players must be permanent residents within boundaries provided by the Constitution of the League, Article 3, Section a). League Executive will have jurisdiction in approving players outside of boundaries where parent or legal guardian volunteers as an active member of the Bloordale Baseball League or as other special circumstances arise.

b) To become a bonafide member of a team, each candidate must present to the convenor, his / her birth or baptismal certificate, if requested, and the registration fee before playing his first game.

Anyone falsifying proof of age or registration shall be suspended immediately.

c) Registration fees are to be set each year by the Executive Committee.

d) All players (including players on Select teams) must be registered through the Division Convenor and assigned to a team by the Convenor.

3. Managers and Coaches

a) To obtain League approval, each Manager must agree to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the League. They must have a reasonable knowledge of the game, and be prepared to qualify themselves as Coaches and Managers under any training course or test that may be demanded by the League.

b) Managers and Coaches are expected to abide by the objectives of the Bloordale Baseball League, particularly as laid down in Article 2, Section a) of the Constitution.

c) Managers and Coaches shall be responsible for the conduct of their team personnel at all times during a game, and before and after games while the team is on or adjacent to the playing area.

d) Managers and / or Coaches shall be responsible for all equipment issued to their team by the League and for the appearance of the team’s uniform.

e) No Manager or Coach shall issue a uniform to a player until Registration Fee has been received.

f) Manager and Coaches shall be responsible for playing each player at least 3 innings in the field in every 7 inning game. (with the exception of select teams)

g) Manager and Coaches shall be responsible for notifying all team players of scheduled, postponed, re-scheduled and play-off games.

4. Schedule

Regular Season Schedule should end prior to July 1st, but a full schedule must be played including rainouts, before play-off games begin, or the remaining games will be forfeited. The Regular Season Schedule should include a minimum of 12 games (exhibition games included).

5. Play-offs

a) On the completion of the regular Schedule, the Play-offs shall commence within one week of the start of school in September. Each team shall play a minimum of four games in September.

b) The Play-off format shall be at the discretion of the Convenor for each division.

Typical formats include round-robin play leading to a championship game, double knock-out tournament format, or best of series’ leading to a championship game.

c) Two points shall be awarded for a win and one point shall be awarded for a tie game.

d) All Play-off games shall consist of a maximum seven innings and if tied, one point is awarded, unless called by the Umpire.

If Play-offs are unable to be completed, the Executive shall decide how the champions shall be declared.

6. Suspensions

a) No player will be allowed to play for more than one baseball league, other than church or school. Any player doing so is automatically suspended.

Re-instatement can only be granted when player obtains release from other league.

b) Any Select player who misses 2 house league games will be suspended from

the Select team until a review of his / her attendance.

c) Players ejected from a League or Play-off game by an umpire must immediately leave the playing area. Failure to leave the playing area may result in suspension.

d) Managers or Coaches, ejected from a League or Play-off game by an umpire must immediately leave the playing area or risk suspension.

NOTE: The playing area shall consist of the playing field, team benches, coaching area and the surrounding area where instructions might be given.

e) In the event of a player, Manager or Coach being ejected from any game, it will be the duty of the umpire to report the ejection to the Division Convenor, who will in turn, notify the President of the League.

f) Any member of the League, Executive, Manager, Coach, Umpire or Player violating the Constitution and By-Laws of the Bloordale Baseball League, or refusing to abide by the decision of the Executive, shall be liable to suspension. The Umpire-in-Chief will be advised of all suspensions.

7. Protests

a) There shall be no protest considered, that concerns any decision from either

Umpire, on the grounds that he was not correct in his / her conclusion as to whether a batted ball was fair or foul, a base runner was safe or out, a pitched ball was a strike or a ball, or on any other play involving accuracy of judgement, and no decision rendered by him / her shall be reversed, except that he / she be convinced that it is in violation of the rules of the game. In consultation with the Home Plate Umpire, the Manager only, shall have the right to protest against a decision and seek its’ reversal, based solely on a point of rules, and the Umpire shall, if he / she be in doubt, ask his / her associate for information before acting on the Managers’ appeal.

(Under no circumstances shall either Umpire criticize or interfere with a decision unless he / she is asked to do so by his associate).

b) Protests against an interpretation of the rules are to be in writing and in the hands of the Division Convenor within 48 hours of the games’ end. The Umpire must be notified of the intent to protest, at the instant of complaint and before the continuation of the inning.

c) All protests, other than against an interpretation of the rules, (for example: ineligible players, etc..), must be filed in writing with the Division Convenor not later than one week following the instance of the alleged violation.


Rule 1
Baseball Canada “Official Rules of Baseball”, shall apply in all instances, except where Bloordale Baseball League Divsion Convenors choose to adjust them at the start of the season or where the League notes otherwise in the playing rules.

Softball Canada “Official Rules of Softball”, shall apply in all instances, except where Bloordale Baseball League Division Convenors choose to adjust them at the start of the season or where the League notes otherwise in the playing rules.

Rule 2
All League scheduled regular season and play-off games will count only if 4 innings have been played (2 innings for T-Ball), unless the home team is ahead after 3 ½ innings, in which case the game will count if called prior to the completion of the fourth inning.

There shall be a maximum of 7 innings, except play-off games that are tied after 7 innings and which require a winner to be determined.

Games called prior to 4 innings will be re-scheduled and completed with a maximum of 7 innings and a minimum of 4 innings, as above.

Rule 3
If the Convenor has not called the game or is not present prior to the start of the game, it shall be left to the judgement of the Home team Manager, in consultation with the Visiting team Manager and Homeplate Umpire, whether the field conditions are suitable for play.

Once the game commences, the Homeplate Umpire shall have full control of the game.

The Convenor or President may order any team to play a postponed game on a later specified date.

Rule 4
Players, Managers and Coaches must wear issued uniforms and hats at all times while on the playing field or in the coaching boxes.

Rule 5
Helmets must be worn by all batters, on-deck batters and base runners. Players are required to keep their helmets on until they have safely entered the dug-out area.

Rule 6
Each team shall be given 15 minutes of grace, after the scheduled game time, to field the minimum number of players, after which the game shall be defaulted.

Rule 7
Evening games shall start at 6:00 pm (except night games played under the lights). Daytime games shall start at 9:00 am, 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, etc.

These starting times may be adjusted by the Division Convenors to provide for varying conditions in the different age groups.

Rule 8
The Home team shall provide game balls and the official scorekeeper.

The Home team shall be responsible for assisting the Umpires in setting up the field for play, as outlined below.

Rule 9
The Umpires shall be responsible for placing the bases and the pitching rubber at the proper distances prior to the start of the game, and shall ensure that all equipment is returned to the equipment box after the game, and ensure that the box is securely locked.

Rule 10
Players must play in the proper division for their age unless the Convenor of that division considers it appropriate for a player to play in the next lower or next higher division. A Convenor, having made such a decision, must advise the President and Vice-President.

Rule 11
An overage player may play any position except pitcher or catcher unless the Convenor of the division considers this to be a non-issue in a particular circumstance.

Rule 12
No special concessions are to be made to people who insist that 3, 4 or 5 players wish to play on the same team.

Rule 13
Metal baseball spikes may not be worn for House League play below the Bantam Division.

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